Sliptream Vista SP2

How to Slipstream Vista SP2
This will show you how to create a Vista SP2 slipstream installation disc.
How to Slipstream Vista SP2

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This will show you how to create a Vista SP2 slipstream installation disc.

Thanks to Flavius.

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Here's How:

Warning:~ Do not install Product key!

[FONT=&quot]1. Install WAIK on OS
2. Install Vista RTM to a secondary partition. (Namely D: with nothing on that drive as all will be deleted)
3. During the installation, once in the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) after set-up starts, press Ctrl+Shift+F3. (The computer will restart and enter Audit mode!)
4. A Sysprep window will pop up. Do not close this Sysprep window.
5. Then find the Vista SP1 installer and then ‘Run’ installer. (The standalone service pack 1 installer from Microsoft which you will have previously downloaded)
6. Run the Vista SP1 Cleanup Tool.
7. Run the SP2 installer.
8. Run the Vista SP2 Cleanup Tool.
9. Once installation has completed Sysprep window will open. Now select OOBE, Generalize, and to Shut Down the system.
10. ‘Boot’ the system into your main OS installed. DO NOT boot back into the Vista RTM you just set-up.
11. Now in the ‘start-up’ box look for the WAIK start-up file, open this up and then select WAIK 'command prompt’ and right click on Run as Administrator.
12. Type in the following imagex command below and press enter.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]imagex /compress maximum /flags "Ultimate" /capture d: c:\install.wim "Ultimate"[/FONT]
Note   Note
You may need to replace "HomePremium" after the /flags switch with whatever edition of Vista you need installed!
Note   Note

Where d: is the drive that you have installed Vista SP2 on, and c:\install.wim is the location to store the new version of install.wim follow the steps below:~
  1. Start UltraISO, and select your DVD drive with your Vista DVD loaded under UltraISO's local header. Next select Tools > Make CD/DVD Image
  2. UltraISO will capture & save your DVD image under \Users\{user ID}\Documents\My ISO Files\LRMCxFRE_EN_DVD.iso (LRMCxFRE_EN_DVD is the volume label of my Vista DVD, your label may be different). Don't change any of the default settings. When UltraISO has saved the image, it will ask you if you want to open it, select yes.
  3. From the opened image, select the /sources folder and browse for the install.wim file. Right-click this file and select delete.
  4. Next copy the new install.wim you created in step 11 (should be on d: or whatever drive you have put it on) above into the /sources folder. then select and drag & drop install.wim to the /sources folder.
  5. From UltraISO's menu select File >: Save
  6. Once the ISO has been saved, make sure that the install.wim file from the /sources folder is the updated install.wim (look at the date).
  7. Now select Tools > Burn CD/DVD Image
  8. When ready, you'll have your Vista install DVD with SP2 included.

It takes about 180 mins.​
Thanks to Flavius again...​

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Well I'm afraid that was an exercise in futility, doomed from the start. When the OOBE appears right after setup starts, pressing Ctrl+Shift+F3 doesn't do anything at all. Tried every which way, both ends of the keyboard, wired and Bluetooth - I have both.

I suppose I'm really making work for myself because I'm a member of Technet & MSDN so I realise that I can get Vista SP2 DVD image right there, in fact I already have for my other boot. I just thought it would be great to take advantage of Alienware's Vista SP1 x64 DVD and make an SP2 disk out of it.

This couldn't have anything to do with either a) it being an OEM disk or b) I had changed the key on my currently booted system (C: ) to one of my Technet ones could it?
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By the way I could enter sysprep by clicking the Windows button + R and typing in sysprep in "Run" then clicking the .exe when it's displayed.

However, what the tute fails to state is what you do with sysprep when it's on your screen. By the way in Vista SP2 it looks different from that in the tute too.

Assuming one clicks OK to start the tool, doesn't it start cleaning up the system before rebooting? That could completely screw up the current OS that one is using.

I just did a dry run and stopped it because it started to do a cleanup and already all my cookies are awol. But simply doing Ctrl+Shift+F3 does not cause a system reboot.
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OOBE is the part of the setup where you are asked to enter username,password - I know some pictures not exactly agree with the corresponding text.When you are asked to enter username,password instead you have to press CTRL+SHIFT+F3 -should work :sarc:.Switcher sysprep /generalize is necessary make image independly from hardware configuration - otherwise you may have serious trouble to install system on another hardware configuration.Using tools vsp1cln,compcln is of course only optional not obligatory but of course worth to do that to safe more space and dispose unused by system files

Here you have about sysprep switchers
Ah I see, so installation has to proceed right through to that point first. I'll give it a go later. I've already preset keyboard shortcuts to open sysprep using that key combo.
Well, I'm not going anywhere near sysprep ever again. All my restore points, cookies, personal settings such as quicklaunch shortcuts, extra user accounts and everything that I personalised have vanished from my C: drive, so obviously something caused it to run. I was installing the image on P: drive by the way.
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I tried this method on a virtual machine (VMWare). I couldn'T install sp2 after sp1. It says i should install "System update readiness toll for vista KB947821". I installed in but didn'T work again.

I was wondering if this is also possible for 64bit version of Vista Home Premium?

About a year ago I tried something similar with BartPe, but the WAIK was not available for 64bit.

I was wondering if this is also possible for 64bit version of Vista Home Premium?

About a year ago I tried something similar with BartPe, but the WAIK was not available for 64bit.
WAIK for long time :sleepy: is working for x64 as well.Probably you used any any tool which already had build-in only x32 code of WAIK and thus it didn't work.Here you are manual for using WAIK on for x64 systems

the newest WAIK
Well since I could not use UltraISO to make an image (only had a trial copy) I had to do something different, so I took the liberty of typing the steps.

  • Pop in a copy of a normal Vista DVD.
  • Open UltraISO (trial version).
  • Navigate to the Tools tab and select Make CD/DVD Image.
  • Keep the settings at default and make the image.
  • Once done, UltraISO will prompt you to open the image, select no.
  • Install WinRAR if you do not already have it.
  • Extract the .iso we created with UltraISO, using WinRAR.
  • Navigate into the folder WinRAR created from that .iso
  • Open the Sources folder.
  • Replace install.wim with the one we created earlier.
  • Once completed, Burn the folder that was made from the ISO, to DVD using ImgBurn.
  • Enjoy your slipstreamed DVD!
Gay... I'll just have to find a copy of a windows premium 64 bit disc.
Careful with the language, some will find that offensive.

Let me know if you need any help.
My bad, I don't mean it to be derogitory or however you spell that word (english was not my strong point in school lol)

Help would be appriciated, I havn't the slightest clue where to start looking for one lol.
Well I would love to help finding a copy for you but I cannot help you pirate a copy.

Try google. :) I ment if you needed help, with slipstreaming, to let me know.