Sliptream Vista SP2

How to Slipstream Vista SP2
This will show you how to create a Vista SP2 slipstream installation disc.
How to Slipstream Vista SP2

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This will show you how to create a Vista SP2 slipstream installation disc.

Thanks to Flavius.

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Here's How:

Warning:~ Do not install Product key!

[FONT=&quot]1. Install WAIK on OS
2. Install Vista RTM to a secondary partition. (Namely D: with nothing on that drive as all will be deleted)
3. During the installation, once in the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) after set-up starts, press Ctrl+Shift+F3. (The computer will restart and enter Audit mode!)
4. A Sysprep window will pop up. Do not close this Sysprep window.
5. Then find the Vista SP1 installer and then ‘Run’ installer. (The standalone service pack 1 installer from Microsoft which you will have previously downloaded)
6. Run the Vista SP1 Cleanup Tool.
7. Run the SP2 installer.
8. Run the Vista SP2 Cleanup Tool.
9. Once installation has completed Sysprep window will open. Now select OOBE, Generalize, and to Shut Down the system.
10. ‘Boot’ the system into your main OS installed. DO NOT boot back into the Vista RTM you just set-up.
11. Now in the ‘start-up’ box look for the WAIK start-up file, open this up and then select WAIK 'command prompt’ and right click on Run as Administrator.
12. Type in the following imagex command below and press enter.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]imagex /compress maximum /flags "Ultimate" /capture d: c:\install.wim "Ultimate"[/FONT]
Note   Note
You may need to replace "HomePremium" after the /flags switch with whatever edition of Vista you need installed!
Note   Note

Where d: is the drive that you have installed Vista SP2 on, and c:\install.wim is the location to store the new version of install.wim follow the steps below:~
  1. Start UltraISO, and select your DVD drive with your Vista DVD loaded under UltraISO's local header. Next select Tools > Make CD/DVD Image
  2. UltraISO will capture & save your DVD image under \Users\{user ID}\Documents\My ISO Files\LRMCxFRE_EN_DVD.iso (LRMCxFRE_EN_DVD is the volume label of my Vista DVD, your label may be different). Don't change any of the default settings. When UltraISO has saved the image, it will ask you if you want to open it, select yes.
  3. From the opened image, select the /sources folder and browse for the install.wim file. Right-click this file and select delete.
  4. Next copy the new install.wim you created in step 11 (should be on d: or whatever drive you have put it on) above into the /sources folder. then select and drag & drop install.wim to the /sources folder.
  5. From UltraISO's menu select File >: Save
  6. Once the ISO has been saved, make sure that the install.wim file from the /sources folder is the updated install.wim (look at the date).
  7. Now select Tools > Burn CD/DVD Image
  8. When ready, you'll have your Vista install DVD with SP2 included.

It takes about 180 mins.​
Thanks to Flavius again...​

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Should this not be updated to WAIK SP1? Also, could you make the main body font just slightly bigger (probably ending up with Verdana 2)? Thanks!

Its been a while since I did this slipstreaming myself now. I said I could give some clearer and more detailed instruction which I will. When I have the time to prepare it, I'll probably write a new tutorial. This tutorial is great for some people (me) and it is much appreciated. One thing I will ad is this can all be done using VirtualPC from Microsoft. That way if you don't have a spare partition to reinstall a fresh vista on or you don't want to mess around with your current configuration, VirtualPC is a safe alternative. I will need to learn how to post a tutorial on here, if anyone wants to forward me in the direction to learn how or tell me.
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I followed this tutorial the best I could, but I'm having a little problem with the imagex command.

The install.wim file is 27gb when completed, and takes about 4 hours to make it. Could anyone here shed some light as to why this is happening?

Try mounting the wim so you can see what files are inside. I suspect the wrong directory used\capture in imagex command but I don't see how it's 27 gb. Open the image to see what files are in it and go from there. Use winrar or mount image on virtual cd drive with daemon tools if you have it. The partition you capture is the new vista location not current in use partition. Make sure you substitute the right drive letter don't just copy command from tutorial
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OK I think it's working now. The problem was I had multiple Windows.old folders on the vista drive. Silly me. Thanks for the response though.
I thought of that after I posted, and was posting from my phone. I already edited the post once and I didn't feel like editing again. It does work best working from a blank partition with a fresh install. You must have done an upgrade from inside an already running OS. I made a whole other tutorial based on using VirtualPC, but I could not post it here or get any help.

In short I say VirtualPC, although slower won't effect your current setup and if you make a mistake, it doesn't matter because it's just on a virtual drive that can be just get erased or formatted. You don't have to bother with a dual boot scenerio either. Well, you will but it will be completely virtual based. You never have to reboot your main OS or risk messing up your actual cpu setup. It won't work for everyone of course. Your computer has to be capable of virtualization. VirtualPC will only run 32-bit OS. I doubt OEM copies would work. If you have a full retail version that you can install on a fresh partition you can do it.

You are doing everything with in the trial period of Vista, can use completely Microsoft tools, its for personal use. You can use other methods or programs in place of what I use, I did it using VMware also.
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My PC came preloaded with Vista/64 bit so I was never given an install DVD. Does this mean I cannot create a Vista Slipstream?
The DVD I received from Microsoft for my 64-bit Vista Ultimate Anytime Upgrade includes SP1.

I own a laptop that came pre-installed with Vista Home Premium. It has been dutifully updated regularly with Microsoft Update, so naturally it has SP2 applied. :cool:

This means the Upgrade option is disabled when I try to perform the Upgrade, it only wants to do a Clean Install. The message I get says:

"Upgrade has been disabled.

- The Upgrade cannot be started. To upgrade, cancel the installation and then choose to upgrade to a version of Windows that is more recent than the version you are already running." :(

How should I go about adapting the procedure outlined using my Upgrade DVD with SP1 already applied?

What about making a installation share point on a server computer on my home network for Vista Ultimate SP1, and then slipstream SP2 to this install share. Then perform the upgrade over the network to my laptop.

Would this be possible or not? :huh:
OK, so the Upgrade option for my Anytime Upgrade DVD of Vista x64 Ultimate with SP1 is disabled ... the installation routine will perform a Clean Install only ... APPARENTLY because I have SP2 dutifully applied to my Vista x64 Home Premium machine. :(

Instead of
, as described here, spending hours trying build and burn a custom installation DVD by "slip-streaming SP2" using the "Reverse Integration Method" into an image of my Anytime Upgrade DVD, etc., etc., etc. ...

... wouldn't it be simpler and quicker to use Windows Easy Transfer to save all my settings, files, etc., to a USB drive, perform a Clean Install, and then retrieve my settings from the USB after the transformation to Ultimate using Easy Transfer? :sarc:

Has anyone tried this? What luck? :cool:
To Slipstream Vista SP2 one needs the following Requirements:
Before you can download WAIK your OS needs to be validated.
Now how can I validate my OS if my machine has frozen on startup????

I (like many PC users) never received the official M$ Vista dvd when I purchased my PC (since it already came preloaded with a backup of Vista on a separate partition of the hdd). So what are folks like me (who never owned a Vista install dvd) to do?
Install the updates, use WAIK or other program to make a .wim image of the updated volume. You might be able to modify the backup partition and insert your wim in place of theirs. Probably requires bypassing security and I assume the partition is read only. That would be using some advanced technique, and I assume that if someone needs to ask, that is probably too advanced for them. But we all know what assume does...

In this case with Vista all we are doing to slipstream is creating a custom .wim from a fully upgraded Vista instance then replacing the stock .wim with our custom .wim on the M$ install media. We are using WAIK to make our custom image (.wim) and using sysprep to generalize our image for cloning (multiple computers that we install Vista from our disk will not conflict). If you are always using your disk on same computer, you don't even need to sysprep. You only need a method to get your custom .wim onto the desired volume. So, all you really need is WinPE 2.0 to boot from, lots of ways to get that. Read up on M$ Technet or another source about WinPE and you might get idea where to get it from. You can slipstream Vista .wim using Win7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 install media or anything that uses the M$ boot.wim or is based on windows pre-installation environment.
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Why is it that you cannot use vLite to slipstream SP2 for Vista?

I saw both this tutorial and the SP1 slipstream tutorial and for the SP1 tutorial you used vLite. I read on some other forums that it has something to do with SP2 lacking some switches to allow slipstreaming with tools like vLite, and that's why WAIK is needed. Is this correct?

Is it possible to integrate both SP1 and SP2 for Vista on one disc? Or do I have to choose between the two?...

worked great for me BUT .... is there any method to integrate all the post SP2 hotfixes and driverupdates as well - i mean with a simple method like that ?

cheers alex
Need help slipstreaming SP2 w/Vista

I have not yet got started with the slipstreaming instructions located here and could not understand point number 11. It says the following:

[FONT=&quot]11. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Now in the ‘start-up’ box look for the WAIK start-up file, open this up and then select WAIK 'command prompt’ and right click on Run as Administrator.

Now is the start-up box the folder on the hard drive where WAIK was installed or would that be the CD that I burned the WAIK ISO onto ? Also what is the exact file name of the WAIK start-up file ?

Update1: I think I found the command window that was being described above. Its called Windows PE Tools Command Prompt. It's now working on the command line parameters that is described in the above link. Fingers are crossed.

Update2: Everything is working. Did a test install with the new DVD and it installed just fine. The two things that I would like to add is 1. There is a reboot required after integrating SP1 and then another reboot after integrating SP2. Not mentioned in the instructions. 2. Also using Ultra ISO one needs to buy the latest copy its a trial and has a 300MB limit. Using an older copy like 7.x it does not make a image bootable after including install.wim file.

Hope this helps anyone
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Just to be sure: If an SP1 .exe (is that right? .exe?) then one can start with a Vista S1 disk and proceed in the same manner to add SP2. Is that right?