SP1 Uninstall

How to Uninstall the Vista SP1
This will show how to Uninstall Windows Vista Service Pack 1.
How to Uninstall the Vista SP1

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You can remove SP1 by using either Programs and Features or the command line. Note, however, that you cannot uninstall SP1 offline using any method. In addition, it is not possible to uninstall the permanent prerequisite updates (KB937287, KB935509, and KB938371). However, you can uninstall KB936330 and KB937954. You also cannot uninstall the service pack and other updates that were installed using an integrated installation.

For more information, see: Microsoft Help and Support: KB948537

To Uninstall SP1 by using Programs and Features

1. Open Control Panel, click Programs, and then click View Installed Updates.
2. In the Microsoft Windows list, right-click Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB936330), and then click Uninstall.

3. When prompted, restart the computer.

To Uninstall SP1 by using the Command Line

1. Open an elevated Command Prompt window (click Start, type command in the StartSearch box, right-click CommandPrompt, and then click Run as administrator).

2. Run the following command (assuming that Windows6.0-KB936330.exe is in the C:\temp folder): C:\temp\Windows6.0-KB936330-X86.exe /x:C:\temp

3. To create a sandbox, type md <sandbox>.

4. To remove SP1, type start /w pkgmgr.exe /m:c:\temp\Windows6.0-KB936330-X86.cab /up /s:<sandbox>.

5. After Pkgmgr.exe completes, you will be prompted to restart the computer (unless you specified the /quiet command with Pkgmgr).

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Nice, information and command line. This is the 2nd time i have tried sp1, and both times it seems to mess with performance. If it takes as long to uninstall sp1 as it did to install it, I think it would be way quicker to just re-install.
LOL, I hear you ggbib. If you do not have any data on the hard drive that you care about, then yes it will be faster for you to just do another clean install.