Solved Unable to get my Samsung R60Plus Laptop to connect Wirelessly To The Internet


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I have obtained a Samsung R60plus Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium which used to connect wirelessly to the internet with no problems at all using an old Netgear router.
That router gave up the ghost so I have since updated it to a brand new Huawei HG533 Router. All my other PC's and tablets connect wirelessly to this new router no problems at all but i am unable to get this Samsung laptop to connect to the internet at all. It can find the network no problem, I type in my security key very carefully to make sure it is correct yet it will not connect to the Internet.

I have tried disabling the Firewall and antivirus to see if that was causing the problem, yet still no Joy. Even tried Flushing the DNS and updating the firmware on the Router, Still nothing.

I know there is nothing wrong with the Laptop yet I have tried just about everything and have searched the internet high and low for a solution, does anyone have any suggestions ?
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Appreciate all the assistance, thought i would come back and post the solution incase anyone else has the same issue.

ok i have now sorted the issue
I downloaded Download Driver Booster 2 Free, the most Effective Driver Updater, to Update Drivers in ONE Click - IObit
Let it scan my system and updated any out of date drivers, I can now connect to the internet wirelessly no problem at all.