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I have a Vista Home Premium 64bit HP Pavilion dv2000 laptop.

I don't really shut it down much, I just put it to sleep all the time. For over a year, it worked fine.

Recently though, instead of going to sleep, it just freezes and restarts by itself, and I get a message saying "Windows recovered from unexpected shutdown" ... it does that every other time I put it to sleep, and sometimes when it's asleep OR on hibernate (with fans off and everything; sleep also has fans off), it just spontaneously freeze-restarts - so it doesn't look like it overheats.

I tried updating everything I could think of and uninstalling random crap, but it didn't help..

It freeze-restarts all the time, I don't know what to do with it at all. I would really appreciate any input or experience with this kind of situation.

edit24569i27: I had the same problem many months ago, but I updated stuff and it stopped freeze-restarting. I really don't know what I did though.


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Hi! I ran the thing and did the HTML - all attatched.

You're right, I've never seen the blue screen at all.

Thanks for your help. <3

Vista Home Premium - x64
 [FONT=segoe ui][COLOR=#000000]- the original installed OS on the system?[/COLOR][/FONT] Yes.
[FONT=segoe ui][COLOR=#000000]- an OEM or full retail version?[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=segoe ui]OEM. 
*Note: I bought it refurbished from HP. They may have re-installed stuff before I bought it. 
[FONT=segoe ui][COLOR=#000000]- What is the age of system (hardware)?[/COLOR][/FONT] 2 years. 
[FONT=segoe ui][COLOR=#000000]- What is the age of OS installation? 2 years / never re-installed. See note![/COLOR][/FONT]


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