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I am a newbie to these sites and to forums in general, however have decided this is the time i need some help.

I am looking to install Ubuntu on my Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit laptop, ASWELL as having vista kept on it, presuming it's a bit like having a virtual machine.

However i have no idea on how to start about it, apart from downloading an ISO for Ubuntu.:confused:

Can someone try and help me please.




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The question you must first answer is whether you want to be able to use both OS's at the same time - - for that you'd need to use a Virtual Machine.
If you want to run them separately, then you could install them as dual-boot.

As far as Virtual Machines Hosts go, you'd probably be better with Oracle VirtualBox than Microsoft VPC2007 - (VPC isn't fully supported in Vista Home Premium). Other options include VMWare (which is arguably better than either).

Dual Booting Windows and Linux is not really a job for beginners - although there are many sites that will get you started - and I would suggest playing in a VM first even if you eventually elect a dual-boot.
Yes preferably i want to use both systems at the same time, i dont want to have to log off and log on again IF i can help it, i want to be working on Vista, then decide to go onto Ubuntu, and log on to it whilst other session is still active (if thats possible), i guess it's almost like a RDP Connection (i think). :confused:.