Vista ISO - Download and Create Installation DVD or USB

How to Download a Vista ISO and Create an Installation DVD or USB
This tutorial will show you how to create a Vista ISO file, and how to create a Vista installation DVD or USB from the ISO file.
How to Download a Vista ISO and Create an Installation DVD or USB

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Downloads are available for the 32 (X86) and 64 bit (X64) versions of Vista Ultimate only, in English, French and German, but if, during the install, you do not enter the product key when initially prompted for it then you will be asked to select the version of Vista you want to install. It can be any of these four:
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Ultimate
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You must have a valid installation key, which should be on the COA sticker on the computer, to activate the installation once it completes.

To Download the Vista Setup Files

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The Vista downloads listed below seem to come and go. Right now, 10/12/2014 at 3:39PM EST they are available. I don't know of any other location they are legally available from, sorry.

1. Downloaded the Vista X64 or X86 setup files.​
X64 (64 bit):
X86 (32 bit):

Note   Note
Both X14-63453.exe and X14-63452.exe will be downloaded as MicrosoftInstaller.exe. For consistency, please rename MicrosoftInstaller.exe to X14-63453.exe or X14-63452.exe, depending on which you downloaded.
warning   Warning
Wait for all downloads to complete before continuing
2. Double click (or right click and Open) on the downloaded X14-63453.exe or X14-63452.exe. It extracts all the files into a Vista sub-folder.​
3. If they are not already there, copy boot.wim and install.wim into the Vista\sources folder that is created when you doubled clicked on the .exe file in step 2.
4. Download the Windows Bootable Image Creator zip file,​
5. Extract the files in to a folder.​

To Create the Vista ISO File

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You can download the files on any computer but you must be running on a 64bit (X64) system to create a 64Bit install DVD or flash drive

6. Open the folder and double click (or right click and Open) WBICreator.exe
7. Click Next
8. Select OS Type: Windows Vista (all the way to the bottom)​
9. CD/DVD Label: VistaX64 or VistaX86
10. Setup Location: The Vista folder created when you double clicked on X14-63453.exe or X14-63452.exe.​
11. Output Path: Somewhere with enough free space to hold the .iso file that will be created (X64 = 3,837,112KB, X86 = 3,013,816KB).​
12. Click GO. When done a VistaX64.iso or VistaX86.iso file will be created in the Output Path you chose.​

To Create Vista Installation DVD or USB Flash Drive with ISO File

13. You can use the generated .iso to create a Vista Install DVD.​
13a. Download and install and run ImgBurn.​
13b. Make sure you deselect anything other than ImgBurn during the install by always taking the Custom choice.​
13c. Click on Write image file to disc
13d. Click the Browse for file button and selecta the ISO file you just created.​
13e. Click Write. A nice little tune will play when the DVD create completes.​
14. You can also create a bootable USB Flash drive (4GB or larger) to install Vista from.​
14a. Download and run Universal USB Installer Easy as 1 2 3
14b. Select Vista from the first drop down list, all the way to the bottom​
14c. Select the VistaX64.iso or VistaX86 .iso file​
14d. Select your USB flash drive​
14e. Click Create​

information   Information
I created a X86 flash drive and used it to install a clean copy of Vista Home Basic on my HP DV2200 Laptop. Worked great using the key on the COA sticker of the laptop.

Remember to activate after the install has completed.

Note: You may need to download drivers for the computer from the manufacturers web site so I would suggest getting the Network (LAN and Wireless) and video/VGA drivers ahead of time so you can install them as soon as you finish installing Vista.



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You can test the Vista DVD once you burn it. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox of VMware then use the Vista DVD to setup a VM (Virtual Machine) using the Vista DVD.

Thanks for the suggestion, Ztruker! I saw another post of yours in which you mentioned doing this, but what you were referring to didn't register in my head until now. I've been thinking of installing VMware on my Windows 7 PC (instead of Microsoft's XP Mode software) so that I could run XP as a VM, but it never occurred to me that I could do the same thing with Vista because I don't have any use for Vista on my PC. But doing this as a test procedure would be an ideal way to make sure that my mother won't have any issues with the Vista installation DVD when I send it to her. How much free space should I have on my C drive to do this? I currently have 38 GB free out of 86 GB total, but I could expand my C drive by an additional 10-15 GB if need be. In fact, I was thinking of doing this as well to make sure I have enough breathing room.


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The MD5 (not MDS) is the check-sum value of the ISO. If you run a program against the ISO that generates check-sum values, including MD5 then you can compare the results. If the same then you know the ISO file is identical to the one on the web site, no corruption.

All you need to do is burn the ISO to a DVD using a program like Imgburn, or better yet, create a flash drive to install from. I use a program called Rufus to create bootable flash drives, but all you really need to do is format the flash drive as FAT32 then copy the contents of the ISO to the flash drive.

Correct all you need do is burn the .iso
The file was separated because people were having problems with the download


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I think creating a bootable USB is easier than creating a bootable DVD,about downloading Windows 10 iso,many free download sources on Google,about burning Windows iso file,it is better to use Rufus do that,or use this software .
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i have question. dose the vista download iso have repair your pc part? i did make windows vista home premium dvd long time ago but when i installed it there no repair this pc icon at lower left of screen.


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Yes, it has the Repair your pc functions. It is at the lower left of the "Install Now" screen.


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ah ok cool also the windows vista ultimate is not the upgrade one it oem or full install. there no upgrade option right? or is it both.


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The installation media is the same for all of those. The only difference is the license key.