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Hello all,
I have been pulling my hair out all day.
My Vista Home premium laptop blue screened this morning so I used the inbuilt recovery.
This also crashed halfway through.
After the first failed attempt of repair the repair option wasn't available on boot again. Not sure why apart from I guess it deletes partitions as part of the rebuild.
At first whilst I was trying all other options like safe mode, last known, which were available it it kept blue screening or saying windows failed to install (if it got that far into startup). Turns out it was over heating and there was loads of crap in the fan.
After all of my pointless other failed attempts I downloaded an iso but it was only sp1. Everything was great until I realised that windows update is now impossible.
Obviously I wish I knew this before. Well I guess if I was wishing for things I wish I had considered overheating and cleared the crap out...
So after many hours of reading posts on various forums etc I end up here.
I am hoping someone has an iso they would kindly share that contains as many updates as possible.

Sods law it appears that the windows update literally stopped this month or so...



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Good day, fellas

I need a x64 Vista SP2 Ultimate ISO link. It's hard to find a copy today from a reliable source.

Thanks in advance.


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My laptop can run vista, but I need extended kernel to install the wifi driver. As MS shut down the windows update servers, does anyone have a Windows Vista ISO with all updates installed (right up to 2017). If so, it would help greatly. Thanks in advance


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I am curious, what is the model of the laptop that needs extended kernel for the wifi driver?