Vista SP1 Slipstream Installation DVD

How to Create a Vista SP1 Slipstream Installation DVD
This will show you how to create a Vista installation DVD with the Vista SP1 slipstreamed into it for any 32 and 64 bit version of Vista you want. This DVD will allow you to do a clean install of Vista with the SP1 all at once instead of installing Vista first then the SP1.
How to Create a Vista SP1 Slipstream Installation DVD

information   Information
This will show you how to create a Vista installation DVD with the Vista SP1 slipstreamed into it for any 32 and 64 bit version of Vista you want. This DVD will allow you to do a clean install of Vista with the SP1 all at once instead of installing Vista first then the SP1.
Note   Note
This Vista SP1 slipstream installation DVD will also allow you to run a Repair install on Vista with SP1 installed now. Before, you could not use a normal Vista installation DVD ro run a Repair install on Vista with SP1 installed since Vista with SP1 was a new version than what was on the Vista DVD.
Tip   Tip
If you have a Dell OEM computer, then see this link to help you possibly create a sliptream installation DVD from your Dell installation disc.
warning   Warning
You can only make a 64-bit Vista DVD in a installed 64-bit Vista, and only a 32-bit Vista DVD in a installed 32-bit Vista.

Microsoft has issued a note to users, of “v-Lited” Windows Vista SP1 installs, having issues upgrading to SP2. Their advice? Reinstall Windows with genuine media. For more on this, see: Short: vLite screws up Windows Vista SP1 upgrade path - Within Windows

Here's How:
Note   Note
You will need to temporarily disable your antivirus program before you start this to prevent possible interference to the vLite program below. This program is safe, but could be mistaken as not by some antivirus programs and prevent you from creating the SP1 slipstream DVD.

1. Copy the Vista Installation DVD Contents to the Desktop
A) Place the retail or OEM (not Recovery) Vista installation DVD into the DVD drive.​
NOTE: If AutoPlay or the Vista install window pops-up, just close it.​
B) Open the Start Menu and click on Computer.​
C) Right click on the DVD drive in Computer with the Vista installation DVD and click on Copy. (See screenshot below)​

D) Right click on a empty space on the desktop and click on Paste.​
NOTE: This may take a few minutes to finish copying all of the Vista installation DVD contents to the folder on the desktop.​

2. Download the SP1 Standalone Installer to the Desktop
NOTE: See Requirements at the top of the tutorial for the download links. You will need to select the same 32 bit or 64 bit version of the SP1 as the Vista installation DVD from step 1.​
A) Download and save the SP1 standalone installer to the desktop.​

3. Download and Install the vLite Program
NOTE: See Requirements at the top of the tutorial for the download link.​
A) Right click on the vLite program shortcut and click Run as Administrator.​
B) Click on Allow.​
C) If this window pops-up, then click on the Install button(s) for the missing features needed by vLite. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: If you see the WAIK Download link, then you will need to click on the Install button to download the 1.34GB ISO WAIK file first. Next, follow the instructions at the download link:​
  • Click the Download button on this page to start the download.
  • Click on Save, and save the .iso file to your desktop.
  • Burn the saved .iso file to a DVD. You can use ISO Recorder to do this. This link will show you how to use ISO Recorder.
  • Run the DVD to install WAIK.
WARNING: There is a glitch in the vLite 1.2 version where you may receive an error about WAIK when trying to run vLite. WAIK is not always properly recognized in Vista 32 bit. You may need to manually copy and paste the wimgapi.dll file from WAIK into the root vLite folder (main folder) in C:\Programs for it to work properly.​

4. Click on the Browse button. (See screenshot below)​

5. Click on the Vista folder (created from step 1) on the desktop and click on the LRMCFRE_EN_DVD folder, then click OK. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: You may have a different name than LRMCFRE_EN_DVD based on your type of Vista installation DVD, but it will be the one right under Vista.​

6. Click on the Vista edition that you want to use for the Vista SP1 slipstream DVD to highlight it and click OK. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: You can only have one Vista edition per slipstream DVD. If you want to have more than one Vista edition, then you must repeat this tutorial for each individual Vista edition for their own DVD.​

7. Click on the Next button. (See screenshot below)​

8. Check both the Service Pack Slipstream and Bootable ISO boxes and click on the Next button. (See screenshot below)​

9. Click on the Select button. (See screenshot below)​

10. Select the SP1 standalone program (from step 2) on the desktop and click on the Open button. (See screenshot below)​

11. Click on Run when this window pops-up in a few seconds. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: This runs the SP1 installer program for the vLite program only. It will not install the SP1 on your computer.​

12. This will take around 60 to 120 minutes or so to complete this part. Some older slower systems may take a bit longer. (See screenshot below)​
Enjoy your break. ;)
NOTE: In the Status box, you will see Preparing first, Extracting second, Integrating third, then this below until it is finished with this part. It will seem like it is stuck about 60% of the way, but it is not.​

13. When Finished, click on Next. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: If this fails, then verify that you are using the same 32 bit or 64 bit versions of the Vista SP1 and Vista Installation DVD files. If they are not the same, it will fail.​

14. Under the General section, make sure that Create Image is selected and click on the Make ISO button. (See screenshot below)​

15. If the Created Image is over 4 GB
A) If this window pops-up on you with a similar message after you click on the Make ISO button (from step 14), then click on No and continue to step 16. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: If you do not get the option to make the ISO image smaller, then see:
B) If not, then go to step 19 and skip steps 16, 17, and 18.​

16. Dot Rebuild one (Vista edition from step 5) and click OK. (See screenshot below)​

17. When finished, click on the Next button. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: This will take a little bit to finish.​

18. Under the General section, make sure that Create Image is selected and click on the Make ISO button. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: After the Vista and SP1 image file has been rebuilt to make it smaller, you will return to the same screen in step 14.​

19. Select the Desktop and click on the Save button. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: This is where the ISO file will be saved when it is finished being created.​

20. When it is finished creating the ISO file, place a blank unformated DVD into the DVD drive.​
NOTE: If AutoPlay pops-up asking you to format the DVD, just close it.​
21. Under the General section, make sure that Burn Image is selected and that you have your DVD drive selected under Device. Click on the Burn button. (See screenshot below)​

22. When it is finished making the Vista SP1 Slipstream Installation DVD it will say Write Successful, then click on the Finish or Exit button. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: It will take a few minutes to finish this. When you click Finish, it will close vLite.​

23. Remove your new Vista SP1 Slipstream Installation DVD from the DVD drive.​
NOTE: You will use this DVD the same way you did the retail Vista installation DVD.​
24. Do not forget to enable your antivirus program again.​
That's it, your done. Finally. LOL ;)



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New Member
Want to make sure understand completely here, i over analyse everything and have a tendancy of making some projects MUCH larger than need be.

currently have Dell Vostro 1000, Vista 32 home basic, bios AMD 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002 - FACTORY INSTALL WAS SP1 VISTA from dell
x86 based PC, Mobile AMD Sempron Processor 3600+200mhz, 1core, 1 logical processor
BIOS version 2.4
Dell Inc 2.6.3, 12/7/2007
C:/windows/system 32
boot device/device/harddiskvolume3
hardware abstractionlayer; version = 6.0.6002.18005

(factory installed operating system, ONLY HAVE DELL RE-INSTALL Vista 2 Home Basic SP1

I use IE7, and don't want IE8 (had too many crashes same pc, last year,
have no outlook or windows mail even accessable - *so called friend fixed/messed up computer, I have MSoffice 2007 word/(need outlook)

have MS works 9, installation cd

missing many drivers,

1/****Need to know....Am I able to download the Complete Vista 32 home basic INSTALLATION SP 1, cd on this site?

2/since i currently have SP2 don't i just install SP1 and then have to download the SP2 again?

3/How do I completely REMOVE everything on the system and keep C/DE drives in tack/

4/ how can I get a list of ALL the drivers that i have to download from MS drivers & download ?

5/ do i have to go to DELL drivers and downloads also?

6/ is there also a recommended list of additional programs to download for system *(note below)

7/with my nursing studies and degree programs I have to have the following - (
*Silverlight (also have tomy make sure I can see animations, and that my system will be able to "view" PDF ATI Technology Assessment results and create my focused review

*I have many nursing programs, many interact online,
*Palm/skyscape - daily medical updates *active sync
*adobe, reader,air, acrobat, etc...
*PP, excell,
Windows mobile *sync= device manager-

(don't mean to sound like a morron, but this may be just standard PC stuff, however with the previous 'helper" doing 1/2 installs, wrong programing, no access to view pdf's, no outlook or mail configuration, system set up to scramble" - BACK DOORS, and then the virus's that hit non stop that took 3 days to fix, *(until i did it in 5 hours and havn't had another attack")
I am very afraid, and just DREAM of having my system do what is is meant to do, (simple) stuff- and that's sabatauge}
*oh yes, and actually burn my own CD/DVD in this burner. ?

? can't this drive E be configured to BURN the following, CD-R/DVD-R & CD-RW and DVD-RW?

right now i can only burn a CD R, and we have a HP home e thatrtainment VISTA 32 (with NO inst disks at all), and it burns all the above..

*We have 2 more Desktop PCs,s that "he" wiped completely clean with no permission, reformatted, and now have Windows 7 OS on them, which are not compatible with many of the school programs, work systems/phones and programs.

I want to make sure my little computer still accesses all the Technology Flinstone programs I am used to using./

Long winded, and possible ramble BUT that is how important this is to me, i can't sleep until this is done.

Thank you-


New Member
well,i was directed to this for my re-install from another forum....but i don't have vista OEM, ONLY the re-install from dell disk for operating system and also application disk,
vista 32 home basic- factory installed everything...

oh well, back to aw:cry:


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Hello Pugmama, and welcome to Vista Forums.

For Vista SP2, you would need to see this tutorial instead. :)

but ....i don't have OEM vista 32 home basic, i only have factory dell REINSTALL cd's - now what, i need have everything removed from pc, and put back to the way i got the computer... i have no memory to play with at all,

and the fun person who got me here with the mishaps, is the one who put 10 yrs worth of data on my WESTERN digital 1.5 tb hard drive *a friend arranged it, without him knowing i knew * because he wouldn't give me my files when removed from my desktop.

the western digital wasn't partitioned or formated, i am putting everything 70GB of data from my dell on it in folder-

then there is 19Gb from my dekstop

and i am afraid if i try to allocate space for additional memory/storage to speed up or give me room to restructure this dell back... *i fear i will loose what is on the Western D. exterhal hard drive?????

can you direct me please.............???:mad: dell operating system REINsTALL disk is for SP1- we added the SP2 AFTER, so my reinstall disk (if i am to use it, is for "Vista 32bit Home Basic SP1 reinstall"
now what????????????????????????????
im going on about 40 straight hours trying to get this done.....fixin to loose it, so many choices, i just want one. do this and goooo.....

im sooooo confused now... kidding....any insite is putting me in the right direction.!
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With your Dell recovery disk, you can use the link below to help show you how to do a factory restore. Afterwards, you will have to reinstall SP2 through Windows Updates again. Be sure to do step 1 at the link below to back up the files that you do not want to lose at a different DVD's or hard drive that you are installing Vista on.

Restoring Your Computer´s Software to the Factory Settings | Dell

-i already have everything on the Western digital EHD
-i am trying to restore this laptop to factory settings,
-i don't want anything but original OS, application, drivers, and I will re-install entire program ad's with my cd's later if i want them on LT.

-i have been running in the RED 64gb for over a year with 2gb flash drive as readyboost memory just to function wth completly corrupt pc.



Staff member
Sorry, but you cannot creat a slipstream installation disc with a OEM Recovery disc. You can only do a factory restore with it. You will need a retail Vista disc to be able to use to create a slipsteam installation disc instead. :(

Afterwards, you can uninstall anything that you do not want that was installed/included from the OEM.


New Member
Sorry, but you cannot creat a slipstream installation disc with a OEM Recovery disc. You can only do a factory restore with it. You will need a retail Vista disc to be able to use to create a slipsteam installation disc instead. :(

Afterwards, you can uninstall anything that you do not want that was installed/included from the OEM.

:huh:Now really confused:confused:

i don't have recovery disks, here goes;

dell vostro 1000, factory installed vista 32 home basic sp1 reinstallation only disk-
also have reinstall application disk for reinstallation only.

I went to the how to geek, and did the vista 32 recovery "iso' disk.

I still haven't done anything except try the f8 dell factory setting restore option; FAILED, i can't get past the 'repair computer' in the advanced boot options", i get kicked out, then it takes about 15 minutes to reload my desktop with ALL my corrupt mess, and now it's worse.

I have not had any luck getting direction on "how to use the vista reinstall dvd, operating system- and the "application disk to reinstall already installed media software." that is the exact title of the 2nd disk.

1/don't know if i am suppose to change boot up -
2/don't know which disk to put in 1st, nor what process to follow
3/don't know what exact process is to use the "how to geek recovery vista iso" disk either... (am i suppose to put in cd), (do i do a restart, then put in cd) *(do i use geek recovery cd then use the vista sp1 slipsteam installaiton dvd, if that is an option i don't know)

my computer is a complete mess, and deteriorating by the minute. from drivers, to os programs being scrambled, custom prompt code lines, absolute mess!

5/ if i was able to just buy a complete vista operating system download for 32 home premium (or a gourou recommended vista upgrade system, which i am sure that any vista is better than the home basic edition, then...
6/please recommend one...
7/then.....what do i do find tutorial for removing everything from drives,
don't have a clue how to format drives c/d/e (for cd/dvd functins)
f/g/h/i usb ports for their functions...

i can't afford to pay someone to do this for me - or i would -

any thoughts or direction....easiest cure possible would be fantastic!
i am hanging on by threads, can't move on til this mess is done - :sa:
so i will stay by the thread praying for an reply asap.....and waiting.

-thank you!:D


Staff member

The Vista recovery disc that you created can only be used to go to the "Advanced Boot Options" screen to use those options. It will not reinstall Vista for you, so you cannot use it to do a repair install with. :(

The "application disk to reinstall already installed media software." is one of your OEM factory restore discs that reinstall all of the software that was included with your computer. You should have another "restore Vista" type OEM factory restore disc as well.

You will not be able to create a Vista Slipstream disc with either one of the above. If you really want to create one, you will have to purchase a retail copy of Vista to use for this instead. :(


Thanks for a detailed and legible tutorial.

I just did these steps (currently burning the final product to DVD as we speak).....but my file size is only 2.97GB, is that normal for an ISO that includes SP1? I have read where some people were getting sizes of 3GB+ and even 4.5GB or so....


Staff member
Hello Tresean,

Yes, that would be about right if it's only say the 32-bit Vista Home Premium edition and the SP1 included in the ISO.

The larger size would be if you had a 64-bit edition instead in the ISO.


Since many/most? PCs have a restore partition from the PC manufacturer, is there any hope of those PCs using the slipstream process?



Hello Dan,

Not if you use the recovery partition or DVDs.

If you like, you could create your own slipstream installation disc or USB to install with instead.

You could also download an official Vista with SP1 ISO file here: Microsoft: Vista Direct Download Links, and use Windows 7 USB-DVD Download Tool to create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive with the ISO to do the repair install.

Hope this helps. :)

Thanks very much for your suggestion and links. Here's my dilemma. My Vista PC is nearly 5 years old and I've loaded many (200?) programs over the years. Though I'm pretty responsible about cleaning up my PC as best I can, not surprisingly I'm now running much slower than when it was new. Many of my installed programs are no longer available or in some cases I must purchase their new version. So my question is what is the most direct way to reinstall Vista along with all these programs and their associated Registry entries. Is slipstream the way to go?

Also, if I was to upgrade to Windows 8 on a new PC can I be assured that if I transfer those ~200 programs that the new Win 8 PC would have its Registry updated accordingly so those programs will run on Win 8? For example, will Micosoft's Easy Transfer program handle this for me? I imagine in some cases if there are no Win 8 equivalent drivers for my Vista programs then it would not run.

Thanks for your time & thoughts.


Staff member
Depending on if you have enough free space on the hard drive, you may be able to do a repair install of Vista to still keep everything afterwards. Please read all info at the top of the tutorial at this link.

Unfortunately, Windows Easy Transfer is only for files and settings. It will not transfer programs. Programs must be reinstalled in Windows 8.


Unfortunately I don't meet the 2nd requirement ("You must have Retail Full or Upgrade Vista installation DVD to do this.") since my PC was purchased with Vista already preloaded by my vendor (HP), so I won't be able to do a Repair Install.
But thanks for the suggestion.