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What are you listening to?


im coming for cake
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the kooks .....are producing some great tracks.

i love music of all types
got about 9.5gb from classical to hard house

i still love UB40... could listen to it all day long


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Here's one for ya Ted...

Flyleaf - All Around me

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I usually sing, but I am not familiar with that song much so I did guitar....

And I am slowly learning the Coheed and Cambria songs - they're tight.


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I just started listening to Coheed and Cambria myself. I heard them a few years ago and didn't care much for them, but now they sound pretty good. They need to do a Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin disc for Rock Band/Guitar Hero....Aerowho? :)


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Alcorus - Shine

(Mirror's Edge's Main Title)

Very nice song in my opinion, and the game looks awesome itself.
I listen to a lot of New Age music and Jazz which includes Big Band. I started doing this in the late 90's, as I got sick and tired of junk rock music, and garbage that was being played on the majority of local radio stations at the time.