Solved While instalation Windows Vista 64bit ,required CD/DVD drive device driver missing,


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Because I couldn't get properly running some games like FFOW on my Windows 7 (not compatible) I decided to buy 64bit Vista Ultimate.
But while installation ,required CD/DVD drive device driver missing, message was shown.
I looked at some forums and found was problem also somewhere else for some other people...
I tried couple of things whitch didn't work for me but luckily I found a solution.
Here it is:

Thats what worked for me.

In BIOS setting (while start up press F2) at Advanced Tab there is a SATA Operation:AHCI (not RAID but I don't know, even RAID maight work) and SATA AHCI Mode: I changed from Legacy AHCI to Native AHCI.

As described at Item Specific Help Tab: Native AHCI will load option ROM, but legacy will not.

Before while instalation Wista Ultimate 64 bit on my Alienware x17 aftere while was message shown:

During install "required CD/DVD drive device driver missing"

After changing SATA AHCI mode in BIOS to Native AHCI while setup was soon shown field requiere serial number...GREAT!!!

When instaling I manually reboot couple of times when just black screen with blinking cursor was shown (and nothing was happening...)

Now my Vista 64 bit is fully intaled, thanks to all guys at forums to let me thing and inspired me to find (with a bit of good luck) solution.

I had similar problem like many of you, wish you good luck to make your system working (if you need to):sarc:

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Re: While instalation Windows Vista 64bit ,required CD/DVD drive device driver missin

Thank you for sharing the solution and I'm glad that you have fixed the problem :)


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