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Windows Media Player has stopped working ... yes, but not the usual problem!

I have Windows Media Player 11, Vista Home Premium. Earlier today I decided to download a couple of new skins for the WMP from the Microsoft site, but once I'd downloaded them, I couldn't get them to open, and merely passing over their names with the mouse caused the program to stop functioning. I managed to remove the two skins, and now I just have two interfaces listed, the default one and Revert. Selecting Revert also causes the program to close down; I'd like to remove this name, but can't because I get the error message before I can click on remove.
Any ideas as to why this problem has surfaced, and how I can remove Revert? (couldn't find where it is stored using the search function). Thanks.
Thanks Ed, but I've actually done this several times now over the past few hours, trying differerent restore points. Perhaps this problem has always existed, but it wasn't until yesterday that I became aware of it. It's very strange...
I'm not even sure if 'Revert' is the actual name of a skin (interface) or means simply 'revert to a previous interface'.
Haven't been able to find anything on internet that acknowledges the existence of this error.


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revert is a small player that is good for music it fades away when you hover the mouse over it usually it appears in the top left corner of your screen.
Hi Florio,

Yes, Revert's a legitimate Media Player skin file; you should find it in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\Skins\Revert.wmx. You can remove it if you want or just ignore it. Don't know why it should crash Media Player; it might indicate something else wrong.

Unfortunately, you can't uninstall/reinstall Media Player in Vista.

I'd recommend you run the System File Checker How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7, just in case.

You could try replacing the Revert.wmz file, and see if that helps. I've attached a copy from my system.

Thanks so much for that, Ed. I found the revert file, but cannot remove it due to authorisation issues (and because my edition of Vista is in Italian, I'm finding it very difficult to understand exactly how to obtain permission to delete the file; I'm already the Administrator!); do you know how to get around this??!
I feel that the file is in any case damaged.


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unzip the file Ed gave you drag and drop it onto the file you want to replace and it will ask if you want to replace the file click move and replace. done.
Thanks for your reply. I've already tried that, but it won't work. I need special administrator's privileges to be able to swap files.:sa:
Florio said:
Hi Ed,
I'm pretty sure you've identified my problem, and that the Revert.wmz file on my pc is damaged or defective in some way. The problem is that I cannot delete or rename it, or substitute it with the copy you sent me. Do you know how to obtain full Administrator privileges to be able to get rid of, or substitute the file (I've tried just about everything including accessing the hidden Administrator account)? Perhaps you wouldn't mind trying to modify the Revert.wmz file on your own pc to see if you have the same administration issues.
Thanks a lot,
Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialogue. Type cmd and press enter. In Command Prompt, type the following two commands (or copy and paste them), one after the other, pressing Enter between each one.

takeown /f "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\Skins\Revert.wmz"

icacls "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\Skins\Revert.wmz" /grant:r Administrators:f

Do not make any changes to the commands, just copy them over. Tell me if any errors are reported.

You should now be able to replace the file.

The registry is still referring to files you've deleted.

Download the attached file to your desktop and double-click on it. Click on Yes when it opens a warning message and asks if you want to continue.

Then try Media Player again.

Okay Ed, I've done as you suggested. But I've now no way of knowing if the problem has been fixed or not since I have no skins other than the default one. But at least the media player shouldn't keep crashing!!
Thanks a lot.
Hi Florio,

If you're like me, you hate workarounds that leave you wondering whether whatever caused the problem has been fixed. :confused:

If you're up to it, how about downloading another skin and seeing if it'll work. We can always revert to the present situation if it doesn't.

I am like you! My wife can't understand why I spend hours at the pc trying to fix seemingly minor details that probably don't interfere with the basic functioning of the system and/or various programs.:o
Tomorrow I'll try installing a couple of skins and see what happens...
Will let you know,
Same problem!! I installed a couple of new skins, but WMP crashes if I simply choose something other than the default interface.
The standard Windows message:
Windows Media Player has stopped working. A problem caused this program to stop working correctly, Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
Of course no solution is ever found!!