ZIP File Support - Restore

How to Restore the Built-in ZIP File Support in Vista
This will show you how to restore the built-in support of ZIP files in Vista by restoring the ZIP file association.
How to Restore the Built-in ZIP File Support in Vista

information   Information
This will show you how to restore the built-in ZIP file support in Vista by restoring the ZIP file association.
Note   Note
You may have used a program like WinZip, WinRar, or some other Zip program and Vista will now not go back to it's default Zip handler in explorer after you uninstalled the other program.
Tip   Tip
If when you try to open a ZIP folder and it does not open in a Windows Explorer window, then turn on Compressed Folders. See related link below for how.
warning   Warning
This must be done while logged on to a administrator account.

Here's How:
1. Click on the download button below and save the zipfix_vista.reg file to your desktop.​
NOTE: This also contains the reg file to turn on Compressed Folders.​

2. Right click on the downloaded zipfix_vista.reg file and click on Merge.​
3. Click on the Run button in the Security Warning pop-up. (See screenshot below)​
Security warning.jpg

4. Click on Continue (UAC), Yes, and then OK when prompted.​
5. When done, you can delete the downloaded zipfix_vista.reg file if you like.​
6. Restart the computer to apply changes.​
That's it,

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Shawn Brink


Re: ZIP file in Vista

LOL, your right. You will use .cab instead of .zip in the command for cab files. Method Two will restore everything for you though.

Re: ZIP file in Vista

Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much. My idiot friend messed up my zip files a while back and I have been going absolutely insane trying to fix it and figure out what he did. This finally did it and I couldn't be more appreciative. Thank you again. :D
Re: ZIP file in Vista

One night I tried to watch an episode of "The Office" and, downloaded the NBC viewer, and corrupted everything on my computer. Everything has been restored except the compression software. I just downloaded the zip file in Vista, it fixed everything. However, the icon for zipped files is still an Adobe PDF icon. Why? How can I change that? Thanks!
Re: ZIP file in Vista

Thank you so much, Shawn! I didn't even have to restart my computer. But some bitmaps opened up in Windows Media Player, how can I change that?

Also, when everything became corrupted, I could not use Sonic Stage or Windows Media to play music or burn CDs. Things became a mess when I tried to. I have been afraid since then to try....

Thanks again!
Re: ZIP file in Vista

I wanted my pics to open in Microsoft Picture Manager. Everything else did, but the Bitmaps did not. What should I do with Sonic Stage, though
Re: ZIP file in Vista


Well, you can also set those programs for all of their default association if they are listed in Default Programs in the tutorial posted above.

If not, then you can manually associate the file extension to be associated with those programs to be opened by default with them. This tutorial will show you how to.
Re: ZIP file in Vista

Hi there, I had the disappearing zip thing happening but this fix fixed, you beauty now i can update my pvr

regards michaelmac
I have downloaded winzip and now my vista zip won't work. I have removed winzip and have tried to do the repair to my system and it still is not working can you help me out????

Hi Foxmyster,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

Did you merge the reg file in Method Two above?
Sometimes, but not often, you will need to do a restart afterwards.

I'm new here. I had this problem where my zipped files will open in IE. I used both methods as mentioned, and restarted my laptop.
But apparently, I can't seem to extract the zipped files..It says the file is invalid. What should I do?
Hello Panda, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Have you tried extracting the files from the ZIP to another location like the desktop to see if it will work there instead?

Do you have this problem for all ZIP files or just this one?

As a test download the ZIP file from this tutorial to see if you can extract the shortcut from it.

Hi. Thanks for the fast reply!:)

It doesn't work. :cry::cry::cry: It still says the file is invalid. This is what I get when I tried the zip file from lock-computer tutorial.

What should I do about this?
I have this problem for all zipped files.
Oh my goodness! It works now! (though it doesn't really work when I tried itpreviously). Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Hooray~!!


I love this site, and thank you once again for a really fast reply!