ZIP File Support - Restore

How to Restore the Built-in ZIP File Support in Vista
This will show you how to restore the built-in support of ZIP files in Vista by restoring the ZIP file association.
How to Restore the Built-in ZIP File Support in Vista

information   Information
This will show you how to restore the built-in ZIP file support in Vista by restoring the ZIP file association.
Note   Note
You may have used a program like WinZip, WinRar, or some other Zip program and Vista will now not go back to it's default Zip handler in explorer after you uninstalled the other program.
Tip   Tip
If when you try to open a ZIP folder and it does not open in a Windows Explorer window, then turn on Compressed Folders. See related link below for how.
warning   Warning
This must be done while logged on to a administrator account.

Here's How:
1. Click on the download button below and save the zipfix_vista.reg file to your desktop.​
NOTE: This also contains the reg file to turn on Compressed Folders.​

2. Right click on the downloaded zipfix_vista.reg file and click on Merge.​
3. Click on the Run button in the Security Warning pop-up. (See screenshot below)​
Security warning.jpg

4. Click on Continue (UAC), Yes, and then OK when prompted.​
5. When done, you can delete the downloaded zipfix_vista.reg file if you like.​
6. Restart the computer to apply changes.​
That's it,

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Shawn Brink


Just wanted to say THANKS from causing me to pull all my hair out!!!! I am not even going to ask why the unzip doesn't work in the first place as long as it's better now :confused:

Thank you so very much!!!
Your welcome Susan, and welcome to Vista Forums.

LOL, I thought there was some trouble at first from the first line of your post with the not missing in it. ;)

I really need help.
I right clicked a zip file and went to Open With. Then I clicked the Internet Explorer Icon.
Now all zip files on my computer open into the IE window that maximises and minimises continuously.

I have spent all morning searching forums and tutorials here and downloading and deleting the various things theu suggest, but nothing has solved the dilemma..

Please help?
I'm going insane trying to fix this.

Lost and confused,
Hello Caity, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Doing Method One or Method Two in this tutorial should restore ZIP back to the default association in Vista. Sometimes, but rarely, you may need to restart the computer to apply the changes afterwards.

Hope this helps,
Ahhh thankyou :)
Yes, I tried the first one and it didn't seem to do much, but after I tried the second, it fixed right up.
Thank you so much!
I have managed to go into the 'set associations' as in file associations and for .zip I have unknown, for .zfsendtotarget I have notepad and word pad.

Needless to say I can't right click and send to compressed anymore.

1, how can I delete the notepad and wordpad associations?
2, what should the correct associations and paths to them be?

I have tried zipfix_vista, vistaunzip and zfsendtofix from other posts, no luck yet though.

Any support or suggestions most welcome,

Hello Shawn,

Yes I have tried restarting, before running each fix.

I should have added that the reason for this file coruption is down to me changing it - doh! ..I know I just clicked the wrong thing too quickly. So no virus or malware here.

I ran the sfc / scannow command, too some time, but it did find some corrupted files. It tells me details are in the CBS.log. However when I try to view this 'access denied' pops up.

Is there no way to re-correct the associations manually via the set associations dialogue?

Thank you for your help
Thanks Brink, now I can open zip files again.

Can you suggest how I might be able to repair the file association for .zfsendtotarget listed in the set associations screen. This is currently set to word/note pad.

What and where is the file that I should associate with this type, I'm presuming this will fix when I right click and want to send to zip function.

This is great. Is there a way to get the icon back to the zipper folder on its side like displayed at the top of the tutorial?
Hello Alec, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Restoring the default ZIP handler in Vista from this tutorial should also restore the icon.

What icon fo you have instead? Can you post a screenshot of it here?

Sorry :o, it fixed itself when I booted up the computer this morning. I should have restarted yesterday. Thanks anyway, sorry if you went out of your way at all to fix the "problem".
LOL, no problem Alec. I'm happy to hear that it sorted itself out for you. It was just a simple export from the registry. It will be there for anyone else that may have the problem to use. :geek: