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How to Allow or Block Cookies in Internet Explorer in Vista and Windows 7

A cookie is a small text file that websites put on your computer to store information about you and your preferences. For more information, see: Microsoft Help and Support: Description of Cookies

Type of Cookie


Session cookies

The time you log in until the time you log out of a website is called a session. Temporary, or per session, cookies are files that allow a site to link the actions of a...

Boot screen

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How to Enable the Hidden Aurora Boot Screen in Vista

The boot screen is the screen that displays during the bootup (startup) of Vista before the logon screen (welcome screen) and the desktop. This will show you how to replace the default Vista boot screen with the hidden Aurora boot screen instead.If you would like to change the boot screen to any .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .gif image of your choice instead, then see: How to Change the Default Boot Screen in Vista SP1If you wanted to run chkdsk...

Windows Media Player (WMP)

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How to Set 64 bit or 32 bit WMP in 64 bit Vista as Default

In Windows Vista x64, the 32-bit edition of Windows Media Player 11 (WMP 11) is set as the default Windows Media Player. This is done to avoid and reduce any compatibility issues or problems that may arise with codecs or other DirectShow related plug-ins or add-ons that a majority of are still built for 32-bit operating system. However, if you decide to use the 64-bit version of WMP11 with your 64bit Vista, you can use a few easy...

Keyboard shortcuts

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List of All Keyboard Shortcuts in Vista

This is a list of every single keyboard shortcut in Vista. For more on this, see: Windows Help and How-to: Keyboard Shortcuts

Ease of Access Shortcuts :

Right SHIFT for eight seconds - Turn Filter Keys on and off
Left ALT+left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN (or PRTSCRN) - Turn High Contrast on or off
Left ALT+left SHIFT+NUM LOCK - Turn Mouse Keys on or off
SHIFT five times - Turn Sticky Keys on or off
NUM LOCK for five seconds - Turn Toggle Keys on or off...


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How to Disable or Enable Vista Services

This will show you how to enable or disable a Service in Vista with the help of an advice guide. The guides have different levels of recommendations. Services are a computer program or process that runs in the background and provides support to other programs in Vista.If you want to cut down the overhead of what is running in the background and speed Vista up some, then only disable the services you do not use. If you disable a service that you need...

Hard drive speed boosts

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How to Increase Hard Drive Performance in Vista

This will show you how to increase the hard drive performance by enabling Advanced Performance, disabling NTFS from creating 8.3 versions of file names, and defragging on a regular schedule.You can follow all the steps below, or just pick the ones you would like to do.
Enable Advanced Performance for Hard DriveThis option enables extremely aggressive write caching that will speed up the hard drive's performance, but it can also cause you to...

How to Open a Vista Retail Clear DVD Case

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How to Open a Vista Retail Clear DVD Case

After reading over 30 or so post in other forums where folks are asking how to open up the case just to get to the Vista DVD inside, I decided to help out a little..

Most people have spent days, and in some cases even weeks pulling and yanking on the case, pinching the tabs on the swinging door etc.

NOTE: For more information, see: Windows Help and How-to: Opening the Windows Vista Box

1. On the top of the box, cut along the...

User Account Control (UAC)

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How to Turn User Account Control (UAC) On or Off in Vista

UAC or User Account Control is used to increase the security of the operating system by helping the user gain more control over the actions that are performed with administrative rights on their computers. Anytime a action requires administrative rights, UAC will confirm the action with you first. When a program asks for your permission to run with a UAC prompt, this means that program is asking for complete and unrestricted access...

Single Click option

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How to Single Click to Open an Item in Vista

This will show you how to open a item with a single click instead of the default double click in Vista.This works with XP also and some already know this but once you change from double click to single you will never go back. ;)

Here's How:
1. Open Folder Options.

2. For a Single Click
NOTE: With Single Click, hovering the mouse pointer over a item (Ex: file or folder) will select it.
A) Dot Single-click to open an item (point to select).


Context (Shortcuts) Menu

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How to Expand the Context (Shortcuts) Menu in Vista

This will show, when you right click on an item, how to see more options in the context menu.

Here's How:
1. Hold down the shift key when right clicking on files and folders to get the extra context menu options. ;)

File Before and After Shift key :

Folder Before and After Shift key :

How to Add "COPY TO FOLDER" and "MOVE TO FOLDER" to the Context Menu in Vista
How to Customize the Context Menu for the Start Menu in Vista
How to...