Internet Explorer - Reopen Last Browsing Session

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How to Reopen the Last Browsing Session in Vista Internet Explorer

This will show you how to reopen the last browsing session in Vista for Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9 to when Internet Explorer was last closed.
In IE7
NOTE: This will set IE7 to save the current browsing session (opened tabs) when you close IE7 to have IE7 open them again automatically the next time you open IE7.
1. When you have more than one tab open, close Internet Explorer 7.

2. Click on Show Options for the Do you...

Power Plan - Restore Default Settings

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How to Restore the Default Power Plan Settings in Vista

This will show you how to reset and restore all of the default Power Plans back with their default settings, or how to restore a single Power Plan back to default settings in Vista.
EXAMPLE: Default Power Plans

EXAMPLE: Missing Power Plans
NOTE: This is just an example of the power plans missing.

To Reset and Restore All Power Plans
NOTE: This can be handy if you have a missing default power plan and would like to restore it, or...

Public Folder - Add or Remove from the Desktop

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How to Add or Remove the Public Folder Desktop Icon in Vista

This will show you how to add or remove the Public folder desktop icon for when you are using either the Classic Start Menu or new Vista Start Menu.This can be helpful if you have a Public folder on the desktop that you cannot delete, or would like a Public folder on the desktop for easier access.EXAMPLE: Public Folder on the Desktop
NOTE: This is example was using the Vista Start Menu and not Classic Start Menu.

Using a REG...

Start Menu - Reset Pin To Area

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How to Reset the Pin To Start Menu Area in Vista

This will show you how to reset the Pin to Start Menu area to remove all current pinned items and restore the default pinned items in Vista. This is helpful if you cannot "Unpin from Start Menu" a item.
EXAMPLE: Pin to Start Menu area "set by you" and "reset to default"

Using a REG File Download
1. Click on the Download button below to download the file below.


Mouse Pointer - Change

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How to Change the Mouse Pointer in Vista

This will show you how to change how the mouse pointer looks in Vista.

Here's How:

YouTube Video:

YouTube - Change mouse pointer-I made this tutorial

Step One: Right-click on the desktop, then click on personalization.

Step Two: Click on mouse pointers

Step Three: Click on the drop downlist

Step Five: Select your design

Step Six: Click on OK

You're done

How to Turn Mouse ClickLock On or Off in Vista
How to Set the Mouse...

Services - Customize View of Window

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How to Customize and Save the View in the Services Window in Vista

This will show you how to save changes made to the icons size, add or remove columns, and customize the view in the Services window in Vista.The default path for the Services file is C:\Windows\System32\services.msc.Any changes made will just be reset back to the default view when you open the Services window next.
EXAMPLE: Services window

Here's How:
1. For a New Custom Services Window
A) In Windows Explorer, navigate...

Mount or Dismount a Drive or Partition to a Folder

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How to Mount or Dismount a Drive or Partition to a Folder in Vista

A mounted drive or partion is mapped (mounted) to an empty folder on another drive or partition that has been formated with the NTFS file system. A mounted drive is also known as a mounted folder because of this. This will show you how to mount or dismount a drive or partion to that folder.Mounted drives or partitions are typically assigned a label or name instead of a drive letter, but you can add or remove a drive letter...

Security Center - Not Reporting Correct Information

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How to Fix the Vista Security Center Reporting Incorrect Information

Sometimes the Security Center may show outdated or misleading information or status due to a problem in the WMI repository. This will show you how to rebuild the WMI repository to have the Security Center information reported correctly again.For example, it may show that you have a antivirus or firewall program still installed and on, when you have actually uninstalled that program.EXAMPLE: Security Center
NOTE: You can...

Printer - Connect to Wireless Router

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How to Connect a Printer to a Wireless Router

This Tutorial will show you how to connect a printer to a wireless router to allow more computers on your wireless network to access a single printer.This will work with most modern Printers and Wireless routers that can be connected by USB. Some settings may vary with different Routers and Printers.

Here's How:
1. First connect the Printer to the Wireless Router by usb cable and switch on the Printer.

2. Installl te printer drivers on all...

Empty Folder and Subfolders - Add to Context Menu

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How to Add Empty Folder and Subfolders to the Vista or Windows 7 Context Menu

This will show you how to add Empty Folder and Subfolders to the Vista context menu to be able to automatically permanently delete all file contents of a folder and it's subfolders without deleting the subfolders when you right click on a folder and click on Empty Folder and Subfolders.Be careful of what folder you decide to empty. The files deleted by this are permanently deleted and not placed in the Recycle...

Time Zone - Restore Missing Time Zones

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How to Restore Missing Default Time Zones in Vista

If when you attempt to change the time zone in Vista and either the Change time zone button does not work or you have missing time zones, then this will show you how to restore the default times zones so you can change the time zone again.

You will need to be logged in as an administrator to be able to do this tutorial.

This usually is caused by allowing some registry cleaner program to delete registry entries at the location below that...

Command Prompt at Startup

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How to Open a Command Prompt at Startup in Vista

This will show you how to open a command prompt at startup from the System Recovery Options or Advanced Boot Options screen in Vista.Command Prompt is a feature of Vista that provides an entry point for typing MS‑DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System)commands and other computer commands. The most important thing to know is that by typing commands, you can perform tasks on your computer without using the Vista graphical interface (GUI). Command...

System Recovery Options

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How to Boot to the System Recovery Options in Vista

This will show you how to boot to the System Recovery Options screen to select the Startup Repair, System Restore, Complete PC Restore, Memory Diagnostic Tool, or Command Prompt option to use on Vista.The System Recovery Options menu is on the Vista installation disc. If your computer manufacturer (OEM) has preinstalled recovery options, the menu might also be installed on your hard disk as a recovery partition. If your computer does not...

Back Up Data without Booting to Vista

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How to Back Up Data without Booting into Windows Vista
Wait, how can I back up my stuffs when I cant even boot to windows because of this blue screen or any other windows errors?

Today, we will show you how you can make use of a USB flash drive to save your important things when windows fails to boot.

Step 1: Boot into the System Recovery Options screen.

Step 2: Click on the Command prompt option.

Step 3: Type notepad and press Enter to open a notepad. Press Ctrl+S and it will open a...

Open Folders in a New Process - Enable or Disable

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How to Enable or Disable Open Folders in a New Process in Vista

This will show you how to enable or disable the option to have all folder windows open in a separate new Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) process in Vista.This is not the same as just having a folder open in a separate new window. Those two folder windows would still just be running in the same single explorer.exe process.

Having a folder open in a separate process will allow multiple instances of the open folder window to be...

You have files waiting to be burned to disc - Stop Message

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How to Stop the "You have files waiting to be burned to disc" Message

If you have the You have files waiting to be burned to disc Notification Area balloon message at every startup or log on of Vista, or just want to stop files waiting to be burned to disc, then this will show you how to stop this by clearing the Temporary Burn Cache folder.Unless you place a blank CD or DVD in the CD/DVD drive, you usually will also have a blank window when you click on the To view the files now, click...

Device Manager - Install Driver

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How to Install a Device Driver in Vista Device Manager

This will show you how to install or update a device driver using the Device Manager in Vista if you cannot do so in any other way. You must be running the Device Manager with administrative credentials for this.

Here's How:
NOTE: I will use a sound card (audio adapter) for this example. This may either be on-board or an external card.

1. Open the Control Panel (Standard View).

2. Click on System and Maintenance and then System...

Taskbar Icons

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How to Replace the Vista Taskbar Buttons with Icons

This will show you how to have taskbar buttons for open windows to display with icons instead.The taskbar button thumbnail previewswill still display if you have the Windows Aero color scheme selected.If the taskbar is moved vertically to either side of the display, then the icons will not work and only buttons are available instead. The icons will only only work with the taskbar at the top or bottom of the display instead.EXAMPLE: Taskbar...

Internet Explorer- Add and Remove Restricted Sites

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How to Add and Remove Internet Explorer Restricted Sites

This will show you how to add or remove website addresses in the Internet Explorer Restricted Sites list.Restricted sites is a Security zone level in Internet Explorer that is applied to sites that might potentially damage your computer or your information. Adding sites to the Restricted sites zone does not block them, but it prevents them from using scripting or any active content. The security level for Restricted sites is set to...

Ribbons Screen Saver - Customize Settings

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How to Customize the Vista Ribbons Screen Saver Settings

By default the Ribbons screen saver has no options to set in the Screen Saver Settings window. However, you can customize the Ribbons screen saver settings through the registry instead. This will show you how to.The default location of the Aurora screen saver file is at:
C:\Windows\System32\Ribbons.scr.You will just need to play with the settings and adjust the Value Data (step 8) until you get the desired affect from the selected...